Jason Voorhees Window Poster


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Setting up for Halloween or slasher night?,Try a brilliantly colored, 3í x 5í poster of the most gruesome, heartless, empty cavern of a souless brigant..."Jason Voorhees!" A terrifying image of this notorious camper shows his upper half outlined in blue light, and shows his eriee stance while holding his tradenark, shiny, sharp machete. Poster comes with removable adhesive squares and will illuminate with your household lamps to petrify all people who pass by! Will fit big and small windows alike, and quickly decorate your home by transforming your window into an incredible display of holiday art! To install these posters, all you need to do is stick, hang, and light! No special lighting is necessary with these posters that are easily trimmed with scissors for a custom fit, and can be folded and saved for use time and again The light from your home will make your poster glow at night for all fear and hopefully run without tripping over a log!