Twinkle Treat Basket Halloween Pumpkin Trick or Treat Candy Bucket Light & Sound


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OMG! A simple idea that parents can really get behind - light up your child on Halloween, increasing their visiblity, Genius!

There's more: flashlights are bulky and only shine in one direction, the Twinkle Treat Basket is vibration sensor-activated and will light your child up in every direction as they trick-or-treat from house to house on Halloween night!

It gets better: Use the display mode to provide your trick-or-treaters with an eye-catching Halloween decoration - the basket will sporadically flash continuously until turned off. Light up your porch, walkway, or doorway.

Won't be home on Halloween? Easy, leave the bucket filled with candy out for trick-or-treaters and they will be pleasantly surprised with motion-activated spooky sounds and lights when they reach for a treat.

Is this the perfect trick-or-treat basket? We think so! Quick and easy decoration, a fun and safer alternative to the boring plastic candy pail, with lights and sounds that alleviate the need for flashlights to help make your little trick-or-treater shine!